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5 Facts about Merlot

Five facts about Merlot
December 6.2017
  1. Merlot is second most popular grape type in the world
  2. Most Merlot wines sit in the middle of the red wine spectrum, with medium levels of tannin, acidity, and alcohol.
  3. Ideal pairings include turkey, pork, root vegetables, winter salads, stews, and all manner of harvest foods. Avoid pairing Merlot with fish, leafy greens, or spicy foods, where it can either overwhelm or be overwhelmed.
  4. Merlot is translated as “little blackbird” in an old regional French dialect.
  5. Cabernet Franc is the father of Merlot, but do you know the mother? It’s Magdeleine Noire des Charentes, an old, esoteric variety discovered through DNA testing.
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