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Wine and cheese make the perfect pair.

July 4.2018

We’ve created this guide to help you with the best way to mix and match our wines and cheeses.


Cabernet-Sauvignon and young goat cheese (Netherlands).

This young cheese is two months only aged is soft and creamy. The smoothest cheese made from goat milk is best accompanied by fresh and juicy summer raspberry and strawberry. Plain cheese taste is mixed with bright fruits that create completed taste. Also serving can be decorated with nuts (almonds, cashew, walnut)

Goat cheese and Cabernet-Sauvignon complement each other tastes and develop tastes of both.

Merlot and goat cheese with fenugreek and coriander (Netherlands)


Cheese with smooth taste of goat milk, walnut presented by Indian fenugreek and coriander, which adds spicy notes in taste. Recommended to taste with honey and juicy berries and fruits which will contrast with bright cheese.

Bright Merlot and goat cheese with exotic spices are great accompany for each other creating together complete taste.

Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot coupage with Tête de Moine (Switzerland)


Tête de Moine, literally monk’s head, is a cylindrical semi-hard smear cheese and has a very fine dough that melts a little in the mouth. Usually pair with strawberry and other juicy red berries. Taste has slight notes of nuts, that means peanuts and walnuts are also good accompany to this exotic cheese.


Every sip and every bite of our Cabernet-Merlot wine with Switzerland cheese will open absolutely new gastronomical experience.


Red Semisweet Wine with lavender goat cheese (Netherlands)


One of the most aromatic goat cheeses. Specific color is obtained by using blueberry, lavender, oleander tree pulp and apple starch. It’s difficult to combine this cheese with sauce, but experienced sommeliers recommend orange-lavender confiture and peanuts.


Wine has enjoyable sweet taste with tones of plum and forest berries that raises the most tender feelings will be even better with Lavender Goat Cheese



White Semisweet Wine with Fourme d’Ambert (France)


Fourme d’Ambert is semi-hard cheese with “Penicillium roqueforti” spores that give spicy taste to cow cheese.

Taste is bright and characteristic because of blue spores. Good accompany will be pear, apricot and grapes. To make taste more interesting you can add some walnuts.

Of course, any cheese is better with wine, especially bright French cheese with our semisweet white wine. Fruit tones in wine will open taste of Fourme d’Ambert completely



Red Sweet Wine with Beemster X.O. (Netherlands)

Extra aged cheese with bright taste with notes of chocolate and nuts. 2 years and 2 moths need to achieve rich taste. Recommended to serve with buckwheat honey, blackberry and juicy peach. Taste could be opened even more with cashew.

Warm prune taste of Sweet and bright aged cheese complement each other and develop tastes of both.


Guide was created with help of our friends from Cheese Kingdom

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